Take control of your digital asset portfolio with our single view crypto currency management platform

Secure storage of your digital investments

Managed Private Keys

Avoid the pain of losing your private keys. Stored offline and protected by biometric, physical and proprietary security.

Multi Asset Support

View Balances

Manage Transactions

Free Biza friend payments

Initiate Withdrawals

Supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Neo, EOS, Ether, Ether Classic, Ripple and all Ether ERC20 compatible tokens.

Available Anywhere

ATO Compliance

Single Account View

Quickly and easily get an overview of your currency balances

Pay your Shout

Initiate withdrawals using QR or Payment Link

Send payments to your Biza friends instantly and free

Meet your Australian tax record keeping & reporting requirements

Time locked Transfers

"Yes, finally someone I can trust will buy the crypto currency for me and I don't have to worry about losing them"

John, Cryptocurrency Investor

We are currently in the final stages of launching. 

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Take control of your digital portfolio

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